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Do's and Don'ts

What to do and not to do on your trip

Written by one of our clients: Lia Sagiv

She is literally speaking from her experience

I would definitely listen to her advice


DO NOT bring a suitcase.


DO NOT travel without bug spray 


DO NOT forget your cash 


DO NOT bring a great number of disposable cups and plates  

DO NOT leave any garbage in any of the destinations you visit. 

DO NOT bring someone you can't stand. You'll spend a lot of time with them. Well, maybe you can become friends on the trip who knows #nohate #noshade. It was cool going with people that you have not met before too, it's a great way to make new friends (just putting it out there).


DO NOT get blackout drunk if you are going to be hungover the next day. That would suck. 

DO NOT forget your chargers. 


DO NOT be a vibe killer. Be present and enjoy

DO bring a weekend bag where all your essentials can be stored. You are living the simple traveler’s life for some days - might as well pack like it (and it is space friendly).


DO bring shampoo and conditioner.


DO bring cash. Cash is pretty ideal when moving around the route. Also great for tipping.


thermoses and whatever cup devices you might have at home (I recommend a Yeti). We have plates and some cups DO bring on the RV. You can also bring trash bags to pick up any trash you see! You are visiting beautiful, exotic places in the country, let's make sure we take care of it the most that we can!


DO bring coffee. I cannot stress this enough. Too many adventures to be awake for and not recommend missing by snoozing. 


DO bring all your moment capturers. This is the moment you have been waiting to use that Go-Pro that is stored in some random place in your house or to use that brand new drone your friend might have bought as an impulse purchase. 


DO bring speakers. They are perfect to play chill tunes while having a lovely evening having dinner by the sea. Oh! You can also bring instruments too that could be fun. 


DO bring board or card games. A guy even brought over a table to play Domino into the RV and it fit perfectly. Think big if that’s what you're into. 



DO take care of the RV as if it were your own because honestly, who needs bad karma? Make the experience available to those that will come after you. 


DO bring many pre-cooked meals! It is a way better idea than to use the oven for every single meal. Also, bring snacks :) Dip and chips are always a great idea.


DO write your name on your personal phone charger. 


DO bring the best vibes. You're gonna live a unique experience visiting the most beautiful places in the country and waking up every day a step away from nature. 


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