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  • What does the rent include?
    -Driver -Fuel -Gas -Non-potable water -Kitchen (stove, refrigerator, freezer, microwave / oven) -Cookware -AC -Energy It Also Includes: - Towels -Beach sheets -Portable BBQ -Beach Chairs -Tables -Limited Wifi
  • Who drives DRV?
    The rental includes a driver who knows in depth how to handle DRV, technique, electronics and is familiar with our Roadtrips trips He will be there to help you if he needs anything!
  • Can I go anywhere and create my own Roadtrip?
    We have default road trip options you can choose from. Alterations can be made to the routes already proposed, but this would have to be discussed and coordinated with a travel manager. We know the accessibility of RV in many areas and we have created these road trips with this knowledge. If you have a place you would like to go, just contact a travel manager at 829-942-5588, via email or instagram and they will know. We will proceed with due diligence to see if the location is a possibility and will inform you immediately.
  • Are pets allowed at DRV?
    Only emotional support animals are allowed. Clients must complete a form / contract stating that clients will be responsible for damages caused by their companions.
  • What happens if a natural disaster does not allow me to make my trip?
    Lo más importante para nosotros es la seguridad de nuestros clientes y empleados. En el caso de que ocurra algo de esta naturaleza, se tomará en consideración y se evaluará para reprogramar el viaje o no cobrar por la cancelación.
  • How much does the additional cleaning service cost and what does it include?
    With a value of $ 30 a day, with this service the RV will be cleaned when clients are out on the road and will be ready for their arrival and for their comfort as soon as they arrive from their adventure. At the same time, the driver will be in charge of washing the dishes. This money is paid directly to the driver.
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