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No-Mans Land Road Trip

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Want to travel to a desert scenery without having to take a flight? Then this trip is for you. This part of the country lets you see, smell and feel like you are close to a desert.

*Tours and entry fees are not included*

*Tours are paid directly to the local guides.

This experience can be modified depending on the amount of days of your trip.

Contact a travel manager through WhatsApp at 829-320-0606 or via email


Playa, Monte Cristi

Paseo Monte Cristi

Plataforma Monte Cristi

Isla Cabra, Monte Cristi

El Morro, Monte Cristi

Playa El Morro, Monte Cristi

El Mirador, Monte Cristi

Playa Esmeralda, Punta Rucia

Manglares de Cayo Arena, Punta Rucia

Piscina Natural de Cayo Arena, Punta Rucia

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